Step 3 - Compiling the tweak

Opening the tweak folder

Now open the folder in your terminal or if you are using vscode you can open it using vscodes terminal.

You can do this by typing cd /path/to/folder in your terminal.

The compile command

Now you can compile your tweak by typing make package in your terminal.

If you want to compile it for rootless jailbreaks type make package THEOS_PACKAGE_SCHEME=rootless in your terminal.

If everything went right you should now have a .deb file in a folder called packages. If this isn't the case you probably did something wrong or this tutorial is outdated.

Installing the tweak

Now just copy the .deb file to your phone and install it using your prefered package manager.(I use Sileo and you should too, Zebra is also a good option)

If you want to install it using Sileo you can just share the file to Sileo and it will install it for you.(same for Zebra)

To install it using Filza you just have to open the file in Filza and press install.

To install over ssh or using a terminal app on the phone you can use the following command: dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb

If your device doesn't respring automatically you need to do thaat manually using your prefered method

After respringing you should see your tweak in action

If you used the code i provided you with your docks background should be hidden

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