Theos on ARM64

Getting some needed stuff

You need to get the aarch64 version of swift which you can get at

Theos doesn't support aarch64

So we need to manually patch it to do so.

First you need to download theos

Then you need to go to [swift folder you just downloaded]/usr/bin

And now run cp * /path/to/theos/toolchain/swift/iphone/bin

Now run cp [swift folder you just downloaded]/usr/bin/ld64.lld /path/to/theos/toolchain/swift/iphone/bin/ld64

Note: this isn't anything official, I just found this out by myself and it works for me.

Maybe theos already supports aarch64 when you are reading this, then you don't need to do this.

Or maybe you know how to compile theos for aarch64 or there is a better way to do this, then please contact me.

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