Cooking in VSCode

Meet the 16-Year-Old School dropout from Berlin Who's Redefining Coding Coolness!

Hey there, I'm Maxiwee, I like to make my own stuff and share it with everyone for free

When I'm not coding, you'll probaly find me in a Counter Strike 2 lobby or in Hypixel Skyblock farming

Curious Minds Want to Know

How do you create game cheats?

Crafting game cheats is like painting a masterpiece - a blend of skill, creativity, and a touch of mischief!

What's your favorite coding tool?

VSCode is my trusty sidekick, guiding me through the digital wilderness with its endless possibilities!

Why focus on iPhone tweaks?

Jailbroken iPhones are like a playground for tech enthusiasts - a canvas for innovation and endless customization!

What else do you do than coding?

Gaming mostly or going to the gym. The games I play the most are Counter Strike 2 and Hypixel Skyblock

Any advice for aspiring coders?

Don't stop because you are stuck only stop once you are finished. Just keep on trying or if that doesn't work get some rest you'll figure it out.

Game Cheats & iPhone Tweaks

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C++ Wizardry

All my c++ projects including but not limited to game cheats

iOS Tweaks

Crafting Unique Tweaks for Jailbroken iPhones

Learn to create your own iOS tweaks

A guide to setting up your mac or your pc for iOS tweak development

What I work with

My setup and infos about it


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Operating Systems

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Welcome to the Epic World of Coding Wizardry!

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